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Store Tasting Schedule 2018


We are kicking off 2018 with a series of in-store tasting events. Our tastings are always fun and educational, and they provide an excellent opportunity to sample a wide range of wines. Our staff members love talking about wine, and our casual tasting format provides the perfect learning atmosphere!  Please follow the links below to register for our upcoming events.  Watch for more tastings announcements in our Newsletter!

*Please arrange safe transportation for the evening.

February 24th - Value Tasting $30
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The pressure on our pocketbooks can be overwhelming: bills, kids, taxes. Sometimes it seems the pressure never ceases. But enjoying wine does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Join us on February 23rd for a tasting that will showcase a wide variety of wine styles from all over the world. The catch? None of these wines cost over $30. Consider some pressure relieved.
March 24th – Lightweight Division $35
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With the Easter weekend right around the corner, we at Richmond Hill are often asked: what pairs well with ham (or goose, or duck)? The answer: lightweight red wines. Pinot Noir, Gamay, Grenache and Sangiovese will be some of the varietals highlighted. Although they may be light on their feet, they still possess power, finesse and definition. Watch for our Heavyweight Division tasting this Fall!
April 28th – Ring in the Spring $30
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The temperature starts warming, the snow starts thawing, the days get longer – it must be spring. With the improved weather comes more opportunity to be social, and sociality leads to wine nights. Here we will be showcasing a wide array of white, red and bubbly that will best compliment the spring season.
May 26th – Staff Throwdown $39
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We at Richmond Hill are a pretty chill bunch – except when it comes to who we think has the superior palette. Whether it’s Devan’s love of the Old World, Ed’s proclivity towards Bordeaux or Dave’s love of rose, we each think that we know what’s best. While there is no wrong answer, for one night we will see who is right. Join us and help decide who is the king of the hill.
June 23rd – Exploring Spain & Portugal $35
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The Iberian Peninsula too often gets overshadowed by France and Italy in the hierarchy of European wine. Here we will prove Spain and Portugal have every right to mentioned alongside those juggernauts as top wine producing nations. We will taste a wide range of wines, from the fresh, zesty whites from Rueda to bold age-worthy reds from Rioja. And the night will not be complete until the king of fortified wines is enjoyed: bring on the Port!
September 29th - RHW Blind Tasting Competition $39
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Join us for the evening as we put your skills to the test. We will be pouring wines "blind", and you'll be guessing what the wine is! This fun and friendly competition will be a great learning experience for all levels of wine tasters. Our staff will provide clues and assistance, and everyone will have an equal chance to succeed. No prior blind tasting experience is required.
October 27th - Heavyweight Reds $45
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In this follow-up tasting to our "Lightweight Reds" event, we will be showcasing all things rich, chewy and delicious. Expect to see full bodied wines from California, Australia, Italy, France and more. Can you handle a round in the ring with these heavyweights?