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RHW Bordeaux Futures Program


What are Bordeaux Futures?

Bordeaux Futures refer to Bordeaux wines that are purchased the year following their production, while the wine is still aging in barrel. Every spring, the major producers in Bordeaux offer their wines to be purchased in advance at a price that is typically much lower than the release price two years later. Wine merchants and brokers then purchase the wines and offer them to their customers at a reduced price (typically a 25-30% discount). This process allows customers to secure allocations of limited production wines well in advance of their release at greatly reduced prices. Historically, Bordeaux futures were sold by the case (12), but at Richmond Hill Wines we offer our Futures in 3 bottle lots. This allows our clients to have a greater variety in their cellars. Richmond Hill Wines has been travelling to Bordeaux for the En Primeur tastings held each spring for over 20 years, and our staff are very experienced in tasting barrel samples and assessing wines for Futures purchasing.

Our Futures program has been designed to provide our clients with broad access to the most sought-after wines in Bordeaux. Many of the wines we purchase are extremely limited in quantity, and are listed as SOLD OUT as we only have enough to offer to past purchasers. If you are interested in receiving an allocation of these wines going forward, please email bordeaux@rhwines.ca with your request. Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request, we will always do our best.

Bordeaux Futures sold in the summer of 2022 will be available for pickup in July/August of 2024. Payment for Bordeaux Futures is due August 31st, 2022

2021 Bordeaux Futures Now Available

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